prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

Jennifer Lopez, our Assistant Clinic Coordinator received a phone call about a donation.  The caller wanted to know if we ever needed a walker with a platform. Jennifer said, “I don’t think so, but if we don’t use it we can pass it along to another organization.”

Our staff members commented that in the past four years the Clinic has never had a request for this kind of durable medical equipment.

Less than a week later a patient was referred to His Hands with the need for a walker with a platform.  Isn’t God good!

We regularly see instances like this at the clinic–Where God provides for a need with perfect timing.

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His Hands Free Clinic

Empower People in Need

At His Hands we work with our patients to create lasting solutions that are affordable and help people get closer to managing their own health. The costs of these solutions are covered by the clinic through generous supporters, so that our patients can have the free, quality healthcare they need. 

If you believe in the power of long-term solutions instead of temporary fixes, please consider a gift to His Hands.