Natalie Frasher

Natalie Frasher is a sophomore at Coe College majoring in Biology, with hopes of getting into the Dental Program at the University of Iowa following her graduation. Her long term goal is to become a Dentist, stating; “I want to help people with my life and a big way to do that is to brighten their smiles.”  Interestingly enough, its Natalie’s own smile that brings about a calm reassurance to those who come to the clinic.

She has been volunteering at His Hands since October 2016. Natalie wanted to get involved in the community and was first introduced to this ministry through the “Involvement Fest” held at Coe where Pam Skelton, then Volunteer Coordinator, had an informational table set up. When asked what she likes most about His Hands she said it’s the co-workers and patients. The patients are so grateful and that makes her feel like she is making a real difference. Also, the different faiths and religions at His Hands all have a “Christian bond” that means much to her.

Natalie’s knowledge and servant-like attitude are very much a blessing to many here at His Hands; staff, other volunteers and patients alike.

Outside of school and His Hands, she enjoys hanging out with her family most. She goes home to Cascade frequently where her parents, an older and younger brother live. She likes meeting new people through her church, the community and friends. She is an admitted “Sports Junky”. The team she roots for is Notre Dame. She says she is not an Iowa fan. That just may be a problem come Dental College.