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The Dental Clinic at His Hands Free Clinic serves members of our community that have no dental insurance and lack the ability to pay for dental treatment. Our clinic relies on dental volunteers to meet the needs of these individuals, from dentists to dental assistants to dental hygienists. I am continually trying to recruit new dental professionals to help as the waiting list for dental treatment in the clinic seems to be never ending. It is very rewarding for me to meet a patient as they begin their treatment here and then see them after their treatment is complete. They are so grateful to the volunteers and the clinic for caring about them and helping them with their oral needs, something a lot of us take for granted. One lady comes to mind as I am writing this. She had lost her husband a couple years prior to me meeting her and was without dental insurance. She told me when her husband was alive, she had dental insurance and was regular with dental visits. It took a lot for her to contact the clinic and admit she needed help, but she was so glad she did! We were able to schedule her for a dental cleaning and the fillings she needed. There were tears in her eyes as she thanked me once again. Without our awesome volunteers, donors and His Hands Free Clinic, this lady may have gone without the dental treatment she needed.

Shelli Marin,

Dental Coordinator, His Hands Free Clinic

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