Dr. James Bell

Dr. James Bell started the Cedar Rapids Free Medical Clinic (a/k/a His Hands Free Clinic) in 1992. Since that time, more than 10,000 people without health insurance have been able to received care.

The whole vision began when Dr. James Bell attended a meeting of the Christian Medical and Dental Society in 1991. At that meeting, Peter Boelens, founder of the Luke’s Society, challenged attendees to return to their communities and do something to provide health care for the poor. Dr. Bell gathered some colleagues together and in May of 1992 they a started seeing patients at the local YMCA using sheets for walls. In the first year, 200 patients were seen.

Dr. Bell has made it possible for the clinic to grow from providing medical services to including dental, chiropractic, women’s health, mental health, physical therapy, social work, durable medical equipment, prescription assistance, spiritual care and off site optical.

In addition, Dr. Bell is also the Director of Palliative Care at Unity Point/St. Luke’s and Medical Director of Methwick Health Center offers a unique combination of assisted and independent living for all stages of senior life.