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Recently a dental hygiene student commented, “Volunteering at His Hands Clinic has been one of my favorite experiences since being in dental hygiene school. It is awesome making a difference, and the patients do a wonderful job making it known what a difference you truly make for them. Seeing patients walk out more confident than when they walked in makes it all worth it and so rewarding! I have learned many new skills and have gained experience outside of the clinic floor. I have met some amazing people at His Hands and can’t wait to go back again soon!” We are thankful for the students who give of their time here at the clinic and are happy to help invest in their educational experience as they prepare to serve in the medical community!

Jennifer Lopez, our Assistant Clinic Coordinator shares, “The students who come to His Hands get to see a side of healthcare that you do not get to see in the acute care setting. We love to help their educational experience.”  The students, our clinic staff, and the patients all benefit from the student placements.

His Hands Free Clinic depends on volunteers in order to be able to provide the services we offer to the community.  One partnership that is mutually beneficial is our relationship with the local colleges. Coe, Mount Mercy, and Allan College all send their nursing students to His Hands for one of their practicum rotations. The students are able to experience the free clinic setting, and their volunteer hours help to fill the nursing shifts for our clinics.  The University of Iowa sends pharmacy students to volunteer in our medication room.  Since our patients are uninsured or underinsured, they come to the clinic both to be seen by a provider and to get their medications filled.

Additionally, some individuals who can afford an office co-pay but not their medications utilize our prescription assistance program by bringing in scripts from their primary care provider. This means that during a clinic time, volunteers and staff in our medication room are very busy filling prescriptions. The additional help of the pharmacy students is much appreciated! Finally, Kirkwood sends dental hygienists each semester to help with cleanings. Some of our patients have medical insurance but cannot afford dental insurance, so they utilize our clinic’s dental services. The average wait time for a cleaning is three to six months, so we are always thankful for more volunteers in our dental area.

Amy Delay
Patient Advocate

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