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Modern medicine provides treatment and prevention of many diseases and ailments. For some individuals, being able to afford the medications prescribed by providers would mean choosing between basic needs like rent, food and clothing or their medications. For this reason, our clinic provides prescription assistance to our patients. Once the individual finishes with a provider here at the clinic, they have a seat in our lobby while we fill his or her medications. They leave without having to be concerned about transportation to a pharmacy or co-pays for pills. Even some individuals with insurance access our prescription assistance because the co-pays on their medications are just too high for them to afford. They bring in the original prescription from another provider in our clinic and we can fill it as long as we have the medication in stock.

One man came to our clinic suffering from depression. A lot was happening in his life, and he could not stop crying. He met with one of our regular providers here at the clinic who prescribed an anti-depressant and recommended therapy. Upon a return visit to our clinic, he was like a different person. He described the way he felt before versus now as “like night and day.” He shared that life just felt much more manageable now. Instead of tears, there was a big smile on his face and he was able to identify positive things happening in his life.

So thank you to our many donors who make our medication room a possibility. We get donations of medications from drug companies and individuals (though we do not accept or distribute controlled substances). Through donations to our clinics we are able to purchase some medications, such as inhalers, on a monthly basis. There is a great need for prescription assistance in our community, and we look forward to being able to help meet that need for years to come!

Amy Delay
Patient Advocate

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