prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

When we open our doors for clinic in the mornings, we never know exactly what our day will bring. Yes, we have scheduled patient appointment times, but we never know who will walk in off the street needing help or what other burdens our patients will be carrying when they come in for their appointment.

One such opportunity presented itself just a few weeks ago. A woman came in to get durable medical equipment from the clinic after a tragic accident left a family member with ongoing medical issues. While she came in for the medical equipment, there was also an opportunity to encourage her heart. Cathy, our Office Coordinator, recognized right away that the woman was stressed. She offered to talk with her in our prayer room for more privacy. The woman really opened up, and for the first time since the accident, she allowed herself to be vulnerable and cry. For many in her family she needed to be the strong one, so Cathy was thankful for the opportunity to be there to support her during that difficult time. Cathy asked if the woman wanted prayer, and she gratefully accepted.

That individual still has a long road to walk in supporting her family, but our hope is that she left not only with physical supplies she needed but with encouragement, hope, and peace. Cathy shared that when she started working at the clinic 3 years ago; she never imagined the conversations that she would be having with people. Yet, time and time again patients are thankful just to have someone really care and listen. Cathy and the rest of the staff and volunteers strive to meet not just physical needs at the clinic, but to be aware of ways to meet emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Amy Delay
Patient Advocate

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In 30 years His Hands Free Clinic has provided free medical, dental and other vital services to almost 40,000 uninsured and underinsured residents of Cedar Rapids. Each year, approximately 1,200 receive care. But that’s only a fraction of the approximately 10,000 uninsured and underinsured residents of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. The need is great and growing.