Medical Volunteers are a Blessing

One of our patients is working a low wage job without benefits, so she comes here to have her medical needs met. When examining the patient, one of our providers learned that she spoke a variety of languages. She finished up her medical appointment and then brought the patient to the Patient Advocate office. Dr. Glanzer had the idea that if the woman strengthened her English skills that she would be a perfect candidate for a job as a translator, making much more than her current job. The woman was very excited about the idea! We were able to give her three referral options: Catherine McAuley Center individual tutoring, Kirkwood ESL group classes, and Iowa WORKS Rosetta Stone program. As soon as her child returns to school this fall, the patient is eager to get started. She says that languages have always interested her and come easily to her. She knows English well enough to have a conversation but would need assistance in learning those more technical terms so she could translate in a variety of settings such as the hospital, doctor’s offices, or legal matters.  It is so encouraging to see ae patient leave with a smile on their face, knowing they have been encouraged while their medical needs were also met.

Amy DeLay, Patient Advocate

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Stop to Smell the Roses

In John 10:10, Jesus says that He came so that we may have life, and have it abundantly. It is time that we start living from a place of authentic joy and purpose.

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law enforcement

Look Beneath the Surface

In January, the 6th Judicial District invited me to visit the centers to present about navigating the healthcare system…These men and women have once again taught me the valuable lesson that there is so much more than appears on the surface.

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