prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

Jamie knew about His Hands through his church but didn’t get personally involved until asked by Dr. Bell if he’d be interested in joining the board. Before answering that question he had to research and visit the clinic himself. Jamie says he was in a season of spiritual growth where God was directing him to be more intimately involved in prayer; going from ‘I’ll pray for you’ to ‘I’ll pray with you’. He went from doing this with people from his church, to people he didn’t know at all; to those who come to His Hands.  Jamie joined His Hands prayer support team , and a  few months later joined the board where he has served for the last 6 years.

It was a year and half later, when the Board was looking for someone that could help the treasurer with her financial responsibilities.  Jamie said: “Let me ask my wife”. He knew that His Hands would benefit from her gifts as a CPA. Yvonne volunteers from home and has been just that, a tremendous benefit, a blessing to His Hands.

When asked how they’ve seen God work, Jamie said from a Board perspective, seeing how God provides needed resources, from monthly needs to what some would call ‘ridiculous’ proposals, God’s faithfulness is continually reinforced. From a Prayer Support perspective, as tears came to his eyes, he admits from time to time, after a busy day, he would see on his calendar that he had signed up to provide prayer support and felt he wouldn’t be much good to anyone and not really sure he wanted to even be there. But he’d come, and the first person he would meet, had a need, shared a burden or prayer request that told him, God clearly uses a person, even when you’re not sure He would. “We each have a voice and can be a link in the chain of salvation,” Jamie says, “it’s a tremendous privilege to do this.”

Yvonne says that she is happy in knowing that she can use her gifts to glorify God and help in His work at the clinic.  Both have a heart for evangelism and are very much a part of helping the clinic meet its mission of glorifying God by providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those who come to the clinic.

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