prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

A dental patient had came to His Hands Free Clinic for a followup appointment. As he and his wife waited for his appointment, he shared that he had spent four days in the past week in the intensive care unit because of heart issues, but he was better now. I told him that the Lord must still have plans for his life and he agreed.

He then shared that when he came for his first dental appointment, someone had prayed with him. He said, “As the prayer started, I felt a peace flow over me, starting from my head moving all the way down to my toes.” He had been very nervous about his appointment but by the time he was called back to be seen, he was filled with peace. When he left the clinic, he said he felt a load had been lifted from him and he felt as light as a feather. I told him that we have an amazing God that gives us His peace that passes all understanding!

Just recently they came in again. His wife mentioned with a smile that he was treating others much nicer lately. I asked him if he had a relationship with Jesus, and he said not as close as he would like. He mentioned he tried reading the Bible but had trouble understanding it. I was then able to share the Gospel with him and explained that when we accept Jesus as our Savior, then the Holy Spirit dwells within us and will enable us to understand His Word. They accepted prayer before leaving and were very appreciative for all we’ve done for them.

How very blessed we are to serve our great God at His Hands and witness His amazing love and power, regularly!

Cathy Piper
Office Coordinator

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At His Hands we work with our patients to create lasting solutions that are affordable and help people get closer to managing their own health. The costs of these solutions are covered by the clinic through generous supporters, so that our patients can have the free, quality healthcare they need. 

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