The Difference an Inhaler Can Make

A couple was so thankful to be able to see a provider without having the stress of finding funds to pay for the visit out of pocket. Additionally, the husband uses inhalers daily due to a chronic condition. In order to conserve his inhalers, he had been trying to space them out more at home, which was causing it to become more difficult to breath.

The volunteer from the medication room brought the husband in his prescriptions. When he pulled out one of the inhalers his eyes filled with tears. He leaned over with his elbows on his knees and just cried tears of relief. For several minutes he could not even talk. He knew that inhaler alone would have been several hundred dollars for him at a pharmacy without insurance. He was so grateful and relieved to leave the clinic with a new inhaler in hand. For him, the inhaler filled more than just a medical need, it relieved a financial stress, showed him support at a vulnerable time in his life, and encouraged his heart.

Amy DeLay
Patient Advocate