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prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

Although we provide medical services, we also have people that come through our doors for various other items. For the homeless population, hygiene and over the counter medications bring them into the clinic; even if they do not have an appointment that day. We have a shelf where we keep items such as medications, vitamins, sunscreen, hygiene, cloth bags, etc. It is encouraging to see a smile come onto someone’s face when they find just what they need on our shelf. Even a small item can be a big blessing and encouragement.

A woman called in on the phone to see if we had any Ensure. A staff member checked our storage area and unfortunately we were completely out. But before Cathy, our Office Manager, even finished the conversation, what should come through our doors but Ensure. A woman walked in with a donation of Ensure right at the exact time the other patient was on the phone requesting Ensure!

Somedays at the clinic can be challenging. We see many of our patients in difficult circumstances and with high levels of need. It is circumstances like the Ensure that remind me that we serve a God of details. He knows our patients’ needs. He sees them. He loves them. And if He can provide for the small details in their lives like Ensure and a duffel bag, He can provide for the larger needs as well. We here at the clinic just have the privilege of getting a front row seat to watching His provision!

Amy DeLay
Patient Advocate

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