prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

It never ceases to amaze me the variety of illnesses and conditions that our providers address in a given week. We have family practice doctors and nurse practitioners who generously donate their time each month, but we also have several specialists that come in as well. During a daytime clinic one cold, spring day a gentleman carefully walked through our doors. Right away our nurse noticed that he was wearing flip flops when there was snow on the ground. He had an issue with his toe nails on both feet that made him unable to wear regular shoes any longer. He also had been out of work for quite some time due to the toe. With no insurance coverage, he tried our clinic to see if he could find any relief.

The nurse called our volunteer podiatrist, Dr. Ryan McBride. He was so gracious to come over to see just the one patient right away. Dr. McBride was able to address the profusely ingrown nails. After the visit the man was so thankful. He would be able to wear regular shoes again soon. He could go back to work. Our staff and volunteers were just doing what they do-providing compassionate medical help. We remember that the physical ailments can impact many areas of the patient’s life. In this case, the toe nails greatly impacted finances, since he could no longer work. It was not a long visit to our clinic, but that short time here will have a lasting effect for this gentleman!

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