prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

Our providers see a variety of patients with various chronic or acute medical needs. However, sometimes individuals come whose needs are beyond our scope here at His Hands. One gentleman came limping through the doors of our clinic. He reported that he had a sore and that he had not been able to keep down food or drink.

Once back in the room he showed the nurse and provider his sore. The tissue had actually started to become gangrenous. He was quickly sent onto the hospital. We were able to talk to him about insurance options before he left for the hospital and able to make sure he had family support to get him there safely. Our provider called the ER doctor to explain the situation before he even arrived. Surgery and strong antibiotics were required to restore his health.

His Hands staff and volunteers are blessed to be a part of a quality medical community. Chances are this gentleman would not have just walked through the doors of the hospital on his own accord, as he was concerned about payment. In the short time he was in our clinic, we were able to help him to understand the urgency in receiving medical attention at the hospital, discuss insurance, and line up support. The hospital went on to take great care of him, and he is now out and back at home recovering.

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