Volunteers make a huge impact

In 2016, His Hands Free Medical Clinic volunteers put in more than 8,339 volunteer hours – an in-kind contribution to the organization of over $592,000. His Hands is unique in the Corridor because it uses so many volunteers, both medical and non-medical.

Kayla Paulson, 55+ Initiative Coordinator for the United Way states, “His Hands is a good model for the Service Enterprise concepts of using volunteers at all levels and areas.  For example, to put on/host a clinic there needs to be at least one receptionist, a prayer support person, two nurses, two doctors and two pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. There are four medical clinics each week, which means 32 volunteers for the medical clinics alone. Then you add in dental, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics and the volunteer numbers really soar,” says Paulson.

Volunteer Janet Engle says, “I enjoy volunteering at His Hands because they have a heart to help and serve people in the community whose needs may not be being met.  I like that I can volunteer the days and hours that work for me, as they are very open and flexible to when I can volunteer my time. It is a positive place to serve and they are appreciative the time I give.”  Another volunteer, Lupe Inskeep, does project-based data entry, and she schedules to come once a month on a Thursday for three hours. “They know I am coming in and always have some sort of data entry ready for me,” she says.

Physical Therapist Todd Neighbor is also scheduled regularly, and says, “The clinic can count on me to volunteer every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.” He says he started volunteering at His Hands in 2015 because his values “resonated with His Hands mission to serve the underserved.”  Neighbor added that he likes that fact that the clinic is faith-based and Christ-centered.

Paulson says, “His Hands can always use volunteers with medical skills, but volunteers with data entry, receptionist, marketing, fundraising and public speaking skills are very valuable too.  Since we have participated in the United Way seminar on becoming a Service Enterprise, we are learning we need to communicate our project-based volunteer opportunities.  Right now we have a need for volunteers to deliver marketing materials to our sponsors for our Praise on the River event coming up on June 11 at the Mc Garth Amphitheatre. It’s a very important job, but it is time limited, and that is something that many volunteers want to do.”

In addition to project-based volunteers, general task volunteers, direct service volunteers and administrative volunteers, His Hands has leadership and operations volunteers, such as a volunteer who provides human resources expertise, and another, bookkeeping services.

Dr. Jeff Akey volunteers as His Hands’ Dental Director, Dr. Jim Bell is the Medical Director, and Tawnya Gardner is the Pharmacy Director.  Each person has authority and responsibility for their own area.

His Hands Executive Director Dawn Brouwers says, “It goes without saying the organization could not function without volunteers at every level, and we are very, very blessed by our volunteers. They are making a huge impact on the health of our community every day.”