prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

From Patient Advocate Amy DeLay…This week I am thankful for the ability to take a full breath of air. Two weeks ago that was something I took for granted. However, despite getting flu shots last fall, both my husband and I had Influenza A last week. It was my first time ever experiencing influenza A, and I hope it was also my last. It absolutely shocked me how much fatigue I experienced from laboring to breathe. The whole experience was over in less than a week for me, but it gave me a new perspective on some of our patients.  

When I was working so hard to breathe, I thought a lot about one of our patients in particular. He has COPD and even walking from the lobby to my office is wearing for him. It takes him a minute or so to regain the ability to talk just from that short walk down the hall.  I thought about how discouraging it must be to want to be up and about doing things but having a body that simply refuses to cooperate.  

 It’s patients like him who need not only our medical services but encouragement when they come in for appointments. You, our faithful volunteers, do just that! One person recently commented, “Best doctor visit ever!” The gentleman I described earlier had tears in his eyes when he got his first inhaler from us; he was so relieved to be able to get his medications regularly. The prayer support you provide brings peace and hope to the challenges our patients face. Your smiles and greeting them with dignity as they approach the check-in counter means more than you may know. Thank you for giving of your time and your talents here at the clinic. You ARE making a difference, encouraging the hearts of those who walk through our front doors.  

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Small Things with Great Love

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