If you are ready to advance your career, build your network, and create positive change in your community, join our team of dental professionals making a difference in Eastern Iowa.

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Volunteering at His Hands:

Dr. Cody Kriegel (Dentist), Monica Recker (Dental Assistant) and Steve Black Wolf at His Hands Free Clinic in Cedar Rapids Iowa
  1. You can hone your expertise by working with patients with a wide range of dental needs.
  2. You can gain prestige in your practice, community, and industry by simply sharing your skills.
  3. You can work with updated dental equipment in a professional setting.
  4. You can set your own schedule with a minimum commitment of only three hours a month.
  5. You can mentor a future generation of dental professionals.

You are one step away from positively changing lives forever. Complete a volunteer application today.

If you have any questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Junge at 319-862-2636 or

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