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Open Enrollment  is a busy time at the clinic as we try to connect as many patients as possible to insurance coverage for 2020. The marketplace works well for many individuals but for most, it is about much more than simply filling out the insurance application. They need education about insurance terms like deductible and co-pay. Once the patients select a 2020 policy, we help them  set up that first appointment with a primary care provider.

This is where the appointment turns bittersweet. We are thankful they have coverage, and they are too. However, time and time again I hear, “Are your doctors coming out of retirement anytime soon so that I can keep seeing them in their office?” or “Can I just keep coming here, and you can bill my insurance?” One gentleman got teary eyed when it came time to set up that next appointment saying, “Your clinic helped keep me alive this year. It’s really hard to move on.” But they do. Appointments are set up, records are faxed, and sometimes they even call back in just to let us know that they are doing well. We are also able to extend an offer for them to access our patient advocacy services if they have future questions about their coverage or need any other community referrals.

We are excited for our patients when they are able to find coverage. We are also thankful for our great team of volunteers and staff who build relationships with patients and make patients feel comfortable here. You’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” At His Hands, we hope each patient who walks through the door feels like they receive so much more than “free care.” We want them to know that we care for them, God loves them,  and  they are important -no matter where they receive their healthcare.

Amy DeLay, Patient Advocate

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Help Us Fill the Gap

In 30 years His Hands Free Clinic has provided free medical, dental and other vital services to almost 40,000 uninsured and underinsured residents of Cedar Rapids. Each year, approximately 1,200 receive care. But that’s only a fraction of the approximately 10,000 uninsured and underinsured residents of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. The need is great and growing.