The Power of Connection

As a free clinic you would expect that people visit us for medical appointments, to pick up medications, to obtain copies of medical records, to schedule upcoming appointments, or to visit our popular “free basket” which sits out front with over the counter medications and hygiene items.

This past week we have had two other visitors. One was a woman who called the clinic and asked if we ever just pray for people, even if they do not have a medical appointment. Of course we do! After hearing this, the woman came in and met with Cathy, our Office Coordinator, in the prayer room. She left encouraged and feeling as if her burden was lighter. Our second guest was a gentleman who stopped in without an appointment. He is an international patient, and he came in just to show us that he got his Iowa driver’s license this morning. He was incredibly excited to now he have another piece of ID from the US.

Why would these patients drop in to our clinic? The answer is simple: Connection. His Hands Free Clinic is focused on not just seeing patients as a chart number, but as individuals with a story. Our staff and volunteers are mindful to create connections with the people we serve. We want them to feel valued, knowing that we treat them with dignity and respect. Yes, our clinic is here to serve peoples’ medical needs,but we are also here to support the emotional and spiritual needs of those without adequate resources in our community 

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