So. Many. Choices

Insurance can be a confusing topic for many in our country. In Iowa alone there is Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplace, and Medical which all sound very similar, yet are very different programs and insurance coverages. We understand that it can be even more difficult to understand what options are available when a person is newer to our country and customs. 

Together with the Linn County Community Partnership, we created an insurance overview document. This explains important information both for government insurance and for employer offered insurance. The document was then translated into French, Spanish and Swahili. The document was then distributed to local non-profits and businesses whose clients/employees frequent free health clinics, public health, or the federally qualified health center. 

Medicaid has ongoing enrollment year round, but many of the other government programs and employer offered insurance have specific signups only one time per year. We want as many people to be aware of their options and to make wise choices for their 2020 healthcare needs. A key part of being proactive about your health is to have health insurance. As we seek to serve our patients with the best care possible, sometimes that means providing medical care and other times that entails providing education about other options, like insurance possibilities, available to our patients.