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prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

Phyllis Morgan joined His Hands in July of 2018 through AARP’s (American Association of Retired Persons) SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) programs.  A program for older individuals who have health issues that prevent them from doing what they did 20-years ago.  For Phyllis that was 15- years of working for Sperry Unisys.  The department she worked in: Miscellaneous.  It was through a conversation with her contact person at AARP that they found His Hands was willing to provide job training in reception and administrative assistance.  Through AARP Phyllis was given 22-hours a week and says that it was a “very good thing”.  She has learned a great deal, she says her computer and organizational skills have improved.  She shares “His Hands has been a positive influence in so many ways”.  When asked to elaborate she said she has been hurt and taken advantage of by many.  However, at His Hands her experience has been one of people appreciating what’s done for them, seeing staff and volunteers generally caring for each other and those we serve.  “It’s an uplifting atmosphere”. 

Her time at His Hands will come to an end on July 8th, when she hopes to have obtained enough skills to get a better paying job.  She would like very much to return as a volunteer sometime, and we would like that as well. 

With tears in her eyes she says: “I have come to realize there are a lot of people worth helping.”

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