More Than Just A Refill

From Patient Advocate Amy Delay:
Staff filled the patient’s medication refill promptly. When she came in to pick up her medicine, she was in need of more than just a refill; she needed compassion and a listening ear. His Hands staff provided her with community resources she had never imagined she would ever need. The patient needed encouragement that she was a strong woman and was capable of taking necessary steps to bring about positive changes in her life.

When she left the clinic a couple hours later, she had her medications. Thanks to generous donors to His hands, she also had hygiene and food resource bags. Written on a tag on one of the bags a donor had written, “You are not forgotten, God loves you.” With tears in her eyes, she said she would keep the tag tucked away to look at in the coming days ahead.

At a typical pharmacy, the refill interaction would have taken mere minutes. At His Hands, God gives us the opportunity to do so much more than just meet medical needs. While our patient needed medication, what she needed more was our time, compassion and reminders of hope. It is a privilege to work in a ministry that also fills the emotional and spiritual needs of the patients we serve.

Our staff and volunteers share hope and resources with the patients, and prayer is always offered. Amidst the pain and circumstances patients may face, we know that there is an Almighty God who cares deeply for them. Thank you for being a part of helping our clinic to serve the vulnerable in our community. We are privileged be a part of the mission here at His Hands.

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