Hilaire Tshombe

Hilaire Tshombe is a social work intern with Patient Advocate, Amy Delay.  Hilaire (pronounces EE-LAIRE ) is a student at Mount Mercy University.  This is his story:

I am from South Africa, but I am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  For me coming from a French speaking country to an English speaking country was not easy. In South Africa, I did not go to school due to a lack of financial resources. I went through a lot, but I did not give up because I had a dream that I wanted to fulfill. I started at Kirkwood Community College in the spring of 2015. I struggled for the first few weeks, trying to figure out where I could go for help. One colleague spoke to me about TRIO, Student Support Services. I found Mr. Andrew and he explained how TRIO could help and where else I could go for help. 

 I learned about the writing center, Tutoring Services, the computer lab and the language lab.  Life was not easy. I struggled when I came to the United States, but I did not lose hope. English Classes helped a lot. I am now able to write papers about any topic. I also reached to my advisor. He was the one who helped me choose the right classes.  Now I attend Mount Mercy University where I am majoring in Social Worker. I am so glad to be at His Hands Free Clinic where I am doing my internship. You have a great staff, and everyone is willing to help. I have a great supervisor who cares, who is willing to help. She may not have everything you want but she does her best to help with anything.

 My goal is to become a social worker and help people become self-reliant and teach them that we can all succeed. It does not matter the color of your skin, you can still make it:  you can change the way you see things, change your thinking. 

I want to teach people what I learned at Kirkwood Community College, Mount Mercy University and His Hands Free Clinic, how to manage stress and be successful in college or University, and life. I encourage other students to go to college or university and they will help you how to be successful. I will also, teach my friends or colleagues the culture adjustment and tell them that everyone can succeed in the United States. Here there is individual freedom and equality of opportunities. .I will show them that life is not easy; to be where I am today is hard work. We need to work hard so that we get what we desire and it can help us to be independent. As Prophet Philip Banda said that life is not a playground, it is a battle. In life I’m always working hard so that one day I can say, I have fulfilled my dreams. Never give up. I believe that in the United States we can all succeed no matter where you come from. I really enjoying my time being at His Hands Free Clinic.

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