Grant Carpenter

Charles Daugherty, facilitator with Serve the City mentioned a great need within the Prayer Support Team at His Hands to his good friend, Grant Carpenter. Grant believed then and still does, that praying with and for others is something he could do. That was 11 years ago.

When asked about his relationship with Christ, Grant says He was a “blessing from Watergate”. In the 1960’s he was actively involved in politics, sometimes in ways he knew was not right. It was in the 70’s that he became involved with the Nixon campaign and decided then that he would speak up when something wasn’t right and was part of what became known as the cleanest campaign in America.

Then Watergate happened. Grant found himself asking: “Who’s worth giving your all for?” God was the answer.

What does he enjoy most about being part of the His Hands ministry? He says simply: “It’s very rewarding”. He shared that he counts on the Lord for the words to say as he prays for those who come to the clinic. Several hundred people have said to him after praying for them, that it was exactly what they needed. He gives God all the credit. 95% of the people he asks if he can pray with say yes. He has prayed with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and one in particular that claimed to be a witch. During her initial visit to the clinic, when asked if he could pray for her, she said he could pray about the war in Iraq. She returned for a second visit, and again when offered prayer said he could pray for the war in Iraq. On her third visit she admitted to being “so confused” about this whole prayer thing. Then came her fourth visit.  Grant enters the room, she grabs his hand and said to him: “Let’s pray”.

Grant is well known not only for his ministry to those who come to the clinic as patients, but to those who serve here as well. Always making time to ask how he can pray for those serving, and then doing it. Grant also served on the board of His Hands for 6 years.

Grant has been married to his lovely wife, Trudy, for “62 years and 2 months”.

5 years ago, Trudy also became involved with His Hands as a volunteer on the Prayer Support Team. The two of them have been known to come on Tuesday mornings, meet with staff, asking them how they can pray for them personally.

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