God provides

I’ve been on staff with His Hands now for three months, and I feel so blessed to witness the power of God through this ministry. I’d like to share just one example of many.

We have a woman who stops in a couple times a week to see if we have received any donations of protein/meal replacement drinks. She had been in about three times straight without there being anything to pick up, but on one Monday when I came in for the day, I noticed there were about six cans available.

Within the hour, there she was. When I told her we had something for her, she started to tear up and say, “Thank you, Jesus!” She seemed a little less upbeat that day, so I asked if everything was okay. She told me her father needs the drinks because he doesn’t have any teeth. He does have dentures, but it hurts him to chew with them. She said he’s lost so much weight and really needs the drinks. She also mentioned that she was a little sad because of losing her husband a couple years ago and missing him. I asked if I could pray for her and her father, and she eagerly accepted.

About an hour later, I received a phone call asking if we would accept a donation of some Ensure. Of course I said yes and I told that person the donations was a direct answer to prayer. It was dropped off the next morning, but I had neglected to get a phone number for the woman needing the drinks. I hoped she would stop in again that week.

God is so good. She stopped in half an hour after the drinks arrived saying, “I had to come to town on an errand and thought I would stop in.” Again the tears flowed and a prayer of thanks and praise was spoken out loud as she picked up her case of Ensure.

And the blessings continue… as this was shared with several volunteers, we’ve received at least 10-12 additional 6 packs of protein drinks to share with this woman. It’s amazing to see what God will do when we put our trust in Him and wait for Him to provide. Our God is an AWESOME God!