Care For The Uninsured

COVID-19 has quickly become a household term across our nation and the world. Public health organizations and local healthcare facilities have been diligently working to keep up with processing tests, creating protocols and tracking community spread.

After training our staff nurses, the clinic was prepared to test individuals presenting symptoms that could be COVID-19 related. Temperatures were taken on all who entered the building, and they were screened for known exposure to COVID-19 or symptoms.  Note: we continue to screen all who walk through the doors of the clinic and will continue to do so as the situation remains fluid. 

One adult child brought in his elderly mother, who comes regularly to our clinic for diabetic needs. At the door, the man ran a fever over 100 degrees. He immediately put on a mask, but was coughing a lot and reported not feeling well. While he initially came in for his mom, we were able to point him in the right direction for testing.  When it came back positive, our staff continued to stay in contact with the patient and helped him with paperwork necessary for his time off of work. This gentleman did have health insurance but had never been to a provider in town. We assisted him in establishing primary care and an understanding of how to use local urgent cares.  

The ripple effects of COVID-19 continue to affect many. We have seen patients struggle with COVID-19 symptoms, loss of employment, food insecurity, and impacts on mental health. Through the difficulties of the pandemic, we are thankful to continue being available to see patients in person and to help bring healing and hope. 

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