prayer and spiritual support at the free clinic

His Hands is blessed to have this wonderful group of faithful volunteers with us every Monday morning. They have a cleaning routine that leaves the clinic better off than they found it for sure.

This group is from the day-hab program at the Arc of East Central Iowa. There are 75 individuals who go to this program, they separate into 10 different groups and head out to serve their community 4-5 days a week, riding the city bus from one service area to the next. They have been part of His Hands for 5 years. Many in the group not only volunteer here at the clinic but other places throughout the community as well: the Community Health Free Clinic, the Humane Society, and delivering Meals on Wheels, and Tidbits magazine. Several in the group I talked with today also have jobs: some work at Hy-Vee, Carlos O’Kelly’s, the Cedar Rapids Public Library, the Cedar Rapids Police Department and clean at local churches.

They get to choose where they serve, so was asked what they liked about coming to His Hands. The responses were: “People are nice here”, “I like being around people” and “It’s fun”. Leah Moser the Community Integration Program Manager says that the collaboration with His Hands has been great, and because of this good partnership, their clients can keep their work skills fresh.

Those who come from the Arc are a valued part of the His Hands Ministry.

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His Hands Free Clinic

Empower People in Need

At His Hands we work with our patients to create lasting solutions that are affordable and help people get closer to managing their own health. The costs of these solutions are covered by the clinic through generous supporters, so that our patients can have the free, quality healthcare they need. 

If you believe in the power of long-term solutions instead of temporary fixes, please consider a gift to His Hands.