A note from Dawn

As you read her letter below, you will see that Kerri is just like you and me. She works hard, cares for her family and wants to do her part. Life threw Kerri a curveball and she needed a little help to make it through. I humbly ask for your financial support this Christmas so we may continue to serve individuals like Kerri in 2018 and beyond. May the love of Christ surround you and yours this holiday season. — Dawn Brouwers, Executive Director

My Christmas Prayer

I never thought I would be sitting here writing this note. I am usually the one on the other side, donating at school food drives and volunteering. I never thought I would be the one who needed help, but here I am.

This past March my husband was laid off from his job as a safety supervisor when his company downsized. He worked hard to provide for our family. I also work fulltime, but my job does not offer any insurance benefits. We exhausted our savings account and “rainy day” fund. We tapped into our retirement funds. We tried everything. My husband spent every day looking for work — and he is still looking.

So there we were — broke and struggling. We weren’t sure whether to pay the electric bill, buy groceries or refill prescriptions. I had just gotten my diabetes under control, my son’s health was stable and my husband’s high blood pressure was well-maintained. Now what? What if I couldn’t afford my son’s ADHD medication? I felt the weight of the world closing in on me. I was supposed to be a good mom. I felt like a failure. This was not how this was supposed to be.

They always say the Lord provides angels when you need them and my angel was Nancy. She is my son’s health provider, a compassionate listener and a former volunteer at His Hands Free Clinic. Nancy told me about the prescription assistance program at His Hands. The next day, I came to His Hands for the first time. Everyone at the clinic was so genuine, they just wanted to help. They never judged me. Amy, His Hands’ patient advocate, asked me if I had ever thought about applying for Medicaid. And there, like a light in the darkness, hope came alive. On Amy’s recommendation, I applied for Medicaid for my family. The clinic provided prescriptions for my family to bridge the gap until we were approved for insurance. It was such a relief. I walked out of the clinic that day feeling 100 pounds lighter than when I had walked through the door. I knew we would be okay.

The past year has been hard, but has also brought many blessings. With that, here is my Christmas prayer. I pray that my husband will find a new job with benefits. I pray that other families in similar situations will have an angel like Nancy in their lives that will guide them to His Hands. And lastly, I pray that you may find the kindness and generosity in your heart to support His Hands with a gift this holiday season. Large or small, I promise your donation will be put to good use.

God bless,


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