In our work at His Hands Free Clinic, we walk with people during their time of need providing comfort, encouragement, and a beacon of hope in a time of darkness.

This Christmas, we ask you to support free healthcare for those in need and to partner with us  in our mission to share the life-changing message of hope to as many people as possible.

Merry Christmas
From Everyone at His Hands Free Clinic

Unwrapping Hope

Meet Marie

We’d like you to meet Marie, an amazing mother of three, with two of those children having special needs. After her husband retired, they visited Cedar Rapids searching for a new home. Unfortunately, Marie’s daughter became ill during their visit and needed a physician. No office would see her because she wasn’t an established patient. She had almost given up hope when she found His Hands online. “They took her right in with no questions,” says Marie. “I thought it was going to be a nightmare since she is autistic, doesn’t like new people, and was going to a clinic where she doesn’t know anyone. The doctor she saw was so hilarious and made her so comfortable she didn’t want to leave.” As a mom, Marie was grateful to the compassionate staff who took the time to make her daughter feel comfortable and provided her with excellent care.

Flash forward a couple years…Marie and her family now live in Cedar Rapids. Though working, Marie does not have health insurance, which is problematic as she is a type two diabetic. Marie was spending so much time caring for everyone else that she forgot to care for herself. She was exhausted and struggling to get through the day. She remembered the care her daughter had received at His Hands and called to see if they could help. Marie explains, “I wasn’t taking insulin because it is expensive. I was self-treating and getting what you can get over the counter. I went to the clinic, because I wasn’t feeling well. When they found out I was diabetic, it was life changing.”

Marie now receives the quality insulin she needs and was also enrolled by His Hands in a program that helps her continue to receive this life saving medication. “Having someone follow up and make sure I am getting what I need and doing what I need to do has made all the difference for me and my life. It allows me to function every day. I can call Jen (His Hands’ Diabetes Educator) anytime and she helps me. If I don’t call her, she checks in with me. It helps me because life can get busy and I can forget.”

Marie continues, “I like how open and friendly His Hands is. They don’t overprescribe meds. I feel like I have options, and they are so easy to talk to. They have reminded me that there is help out there. My diabetes was so out of control, I was barely getting through the day. It was a struggle but now I have energy. I feel better. I can do so much more for my kids. Without His Hands, I wouldn’t have hope.” With tears in her eyes, Marie explains what His Hands means to her and how she feels about the clinic. “They have been a wonderful, life changing blessing. I am serious when I say I was looking for the end but now, I have hope and a future. His Hands is the place to go. Whether it is a spiritual need or a health need, they are a guiding light to help you through. I never want to leave there for my care. I have never felt so welcome to get the care that I need.”

We hear from many amazing patients such as Marie how His Hands has helped them, but it truly is OUR privilege to serve THEM. We know that you care, too. Hope lives at His Hands Free Clinic, and we are blessed to see it in action daily. It is our hope that, through your contribution, you experience the joy of blessing others this Holiday season.

Give the gift of hope

Any gift is an important gift. No amount is too small. This year, His Hands has several donors who have offered a match of $25,000. You can help us reach this goal, just as you did with our Spring Appeal. Join us in helping to finish our year strong. Working together, we can provide hope to those in need.