Call Ahead If You Have These Symptoms:

FEVER  COUGH  SHORTNESS OF BREATH Call your healthcare provider before you go to the office.  You may be given special instructions.

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Our providers see a variety of patients with various chronic or acute medical needs. However, sometimes individuals come whose needs
Although we provide medical services, we also have people that come through our doors for various other items. For the
It never ceases to amaze me the variety of illnesses and conditions that our providers address in a given week.
mental health his hands free clinic
I met with a woman who was very worried that she lost Medicaid. She had a mental health issue and
Cedar Rapids is a community rich with resources to help people in need. While the needs still sometimes outweigh the
Dr. Matthew Dietz
When asked about God’s leading, Dr. Dietz says it was no loud booming voice, but simply God’s hand leading his.
Opening Door
When we open our doors for clinic in the mornings, we never know exactly what our day will bring. Yes,
Modern medicine provides treatment and prevention of many diseases and ailments. For some individuals, being able to afford the medications
According to the CDC over 30.3 million Americans, 9.4% of the population, have diabetes. Some risk factors for diabetes include
His Hands welcomed Kris Cleveland in 2012.  For 5 ½ years Kris has organized medical supplies making it convenient to store

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