Call Ahead If You Have These Symptoms:

FEVER  COUGH  SHORTNESS OF BREATH Call your healthcare provider before you go to the office.  You may be given special instructions.

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Greta Gustafson
My name is Greta Gustafson, and I am a senior in the Social Work program at Mount Mercy University. I was
Brenna Jiron
Sixteen years ago this mother of 4 (the oldest child 9 and youngest just 11 months old), lost her husband
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. According to the Center for Disease Control, breast cancer is the most common
If you have ever visited His Hands Free Clinic before, chances are you have not been to the basement. While
One of our patients is working a low wage job without benefits, so she comes here to have her medical
Insurance can be extremely expensive for those who are self-employed. Sometimes that premium just is not feasible, or the deductible
A dental patient had came to His Hands Free Clinic for a followup appointment. As he and his wife waited for his appointment,
Jamie knew about His Hands through his church but didn’t get personally involved until asked by Dr. Bell if he’d
A couple was so thankful to be able to see a provider without having the stress of finding funds to
Eye with what a child sees in trauma
I grew up in a stable household. My parents are still married to this day. Food insecurity never even crossed

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