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Since 1992, His Hands has been working to show the love of God to our friends and neighbors by meeting their medical, prescription, chiropractic and dental needs. Your gift in any amount will sustain that work.

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Peace Transcends all Understanding
A dental patient had came to His Hands Free Clinic for a followup appointment. As he and his wife waited for his appointment,
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Jamie and Yvonne Jonas
Jamie knew about His Hands through his church but didn’t get personally involved until asked by Dr. Bell if he’d
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The Difference an Inhaler Can Make
A couple was so thankful to be able to see a provider without having the stress of finding funds to
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Eye with what a child sees in trauma
Celebrating Inchstones
I grew up in a stable household. My parents are still married to this day. Food insecurity never even crossed
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Beyond the Scope of Our Clinic
Our providers see a variety of patients with various chronic or acute medical needs. However, sometimes individuals come whose needs
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A God of Details
Although we provide medical services, we also have people that come through our doors for various other items. For the
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Compassionate Medical Care
It never ceases to amaze me the variety of illnesses and conditions that our providers address in a given week.
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mental health his hands free clinic
A little patience and compassion
I met with a woman who was very worried that she lost Medicaid. She had a mental health issue and
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Cedar Rapids is a community rich with resources to help people in need. While the needs still sometimes outweigh the
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Dr. Matthew Dietz
Dr. Matthew Dietz
When asked about God’s leading, Dr. Dietz says it was no loud booming voice, but simply God’s hand leading his.
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