Answers to our most common questions about the services we provide, volunteering and donating. If you don't see an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to talk about my spiritual faith or pray in order to receive services?

No. We believe that our spiritual health is an important part of our overall health but we do not require you to pray, listen to a sermon or discus your faith. We will offer to pray for you if you choose.

What are the requirements to be seen at the clinic?

Our services are available to all regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion or income. We also do not have any residency restrictions. Anyone who does not have insurance or has a high deductible plan and cannot afford co-pays is welcome to call for an appointment.

What if I have an emergency or need to see a specialist?

We are not an emergency or urgent care center. If you have a medical emergency, we recommend calling 911 or going to a local emergency room. We have several specialists that volunteer their time at our clinic. If you have a medical need beyond our ability to assist, we can refer you elsewhere for those services. In order to refer you, you will need to be seen by our providers.

Do you provide medications?

Yes, generally we can provide a one month supply of a medication, depending on availability and cost. We use samples as often as possible, but if you need a medication that we do not have, we can assist in paying for that medication. In order to refer you, you will need to be seen by our providers.

Do I make an appointment or can I just walk in when the clinic is open?

We take appointments for all our services. Appointments can be made at any time. We take appointments because we recognize that it is difficult to sit in a waiting room for hours when you are sick. Also, we want to ensure that we have plenty of time to address your needs. Please call at your convenience for an appointment and we will work you in as soon as possible. For non-acute needs (work physicals, annual exams, medication refills) please give us as much notice as possible.

What if I just need medications, can I bring my medication bottle to you and get it refilled?

No. If you need medications, we require a valid written prescription to be brought in or faxed to us. If you do not have a written prescription, we will make an appointment for you to see one of our medical providers. All medications need to be picked up during a medical clinic when a medical provider is on duty. Please plan accordingly.

How do I start volunteering?

We are always seeking volunteers! Please submit a volunteer application to the Volunteer Coordinator and we will contact you for a tour and help you get started. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

What type of malpractice coverage do I need to volunteer?

We have two options for malpractice coverage for our licensed volunteers:

  1. Provide proof of malpractice coverage that will cover your services at the clinic, or
  2. Be approved for coverage through the Volunteer Health Care Provider program

How many patients are seen in an evening during the medical clinic?

If we have 2 providers (MD, DO, ARNP, PA-C) we will see approximately 16 patients in 2 hours. The schedule is tailored for the availability and comfort level of each provider.

How often does a volunteer serve?

Most volunteers serve for three hours per month. Each position has unique hours and frequency, so please take a look at our volunteer openings.

Will I be asked to evangelize or pray with patients?

Each volunteer has his or her own comfort level in discussing spiritual issues. We will not ask you for any more than you wish to give. We provide additional training in spiritual care those who are interested.

How is the operation of the clinic funded?

The clinic is funded through donations from individuals, churches, special events, grants and community organizations.

How can I give a donation?

We accept donations through checks, credit cards and electronic fund transfers. If you would like to use a credit or debit card, you can give online. If you would like to donate with cash or check, you can mail it or drop it off. We can also set up an electronic fund transfer through your bank. Please contact us to make those arrangements. Thank you for thinking of us.

What does my donation pay for?

Our annual budget is $560,000. That includes salary for nine part-time employees (equaling 4 full-time employees), insurance costs, utilities, office supplies, medications and supplies. We receive more than $320,000 yearly in in-kind donations for lab and x-ray services from the local hospitals, volunteer time, donation medications and supplies.

Is the clinic associated with a specific church or denomination?

We are supported by various churches and see this as a way for the local church to provide for the needs of the poor. We consider ourselves a medical mission. We do have a statement of faith that the Board of Directors uses to guide the ministry.

How can I help?

Volunteers, supplies or financial resources are always needed at His Hands Free Clinic. In fact, everything we do relies on the generous support and efforts of people just like you.

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Whether you're a medical or dental provider, have administrative skills, enjoy praying with people or just someone looking to make a difference, we need your help!


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