fall appeal

First COVID 19 — NOW — the Derecho of a lifetime. While our community works through all this the demand for Low or No Cost Care is on the rise.

In place of our annual Laughter is the Best Medicine event we’re fundraising like middle schoolers — trying to get you to pick a few things from our “glossy brochure” below and then make a contribution.

So, will it be Steak or a Flu Shot? His Hands Clinic believes that all people should be cared for equally and healthcare should never be a choice. Can you help us make our hope a reality?

Laughter is Cancelled

Piping Hot



That pizza looked so yummy, but how about supporting our office needs instead?
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Sweet, Savory



While you wait for the cheesecake to come back in stock, perhaps we could interest you in giving towards staff education?
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Fresh, Succulent



Darn! That looked good. But diabetic supplies would be just as sweet!
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Out of Stock
(6 Month Delay)

You know what (finally) doesn't have a shipping delay? Personal Protection Equipment for our staff and volunteers!
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What's better than steak? How about a month's worth of medication for a patient at His Hands!
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Low or No Cost


Available Today!

With your help low or no cost care will always be available to those in need.
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All donations received go towards the operations of His Hands Free Clinic and the care of our patients. Items listed above are only examples of what items can be purchased at different giving levels. His Hands reserves the right to allocate donated funds to areas that will best serve our patients. As always, we appreciate your prayers as well as your financial support.