Chaplain Angelo Lopez

It is with tremendous excitement we welcome our Volunteer Chaplain Angel Lopez to His Hands Free Clinic.  His primary responsibility will be to follow-up with patients who have requested additional spiritual support, providing guidance and assisting with faith issues in the healing process. 

 He will also be serving alongside our Spiritual Care Coordinator and available to volunteers and staff for insight and opportunities to grow in their spiritual journey as well. 

We have planned a mandatory Prayer Support Fellowship (for those who serve in Prayer Support) on Saturday June 29th from 10-11:30 am at the clinic where we will share changes made to the Prayer Support Stat sheet as it pertains to referring patients to Chaplain Lopez.  If unable to attend, I’ve asked that they notify me and I will get this information to them. 

Angel would tell you that he has been preparing for this position his entire life, through his time in law enforcement, the military, various leadership positions, working with a wide range of diverse people, and his spiritual journey and education.  He has found joy in knowing that all things, according to His purpose, cannot happen without God ordaining it (Psalms 57:2).