Brenna Jiron

Sixteen years ago this mother of 4 (the oldest child 9 and youngest just 11 months old), lost her husband to cancer. With family several states away and unwilling to help, no insurance and unable to work, this widowed mother of 4 was homeless. The family moved around to he different shelters and people’s homes.

You’d think I was talking about one of the many people we serve at His Hands. On the contrary, I’m sharing with you the story of a volunteer nurse who serves at His Hands, Brenna Jiron.

Brenna says this “was a good thing”. She admits to looking down on single mothers at one time, thinking that their situation was likely their fault. “God placed me there for a reason. This can happen to anyone.” She shares that the Cedar Rapids community was good to her; churches that didn’t even know her had garage sales and the proceeds were given to her, others anonymously gave her money and gift cards.

Today, three of her children are grown; two in college, another lives and works here in Cedar Rapids, and the youngest a senior in high school. Brenna currently works at Mercy Medical Center where she heard about the volunteer opportunities at His Hands. She has successfully completed Nurse Practitioner school and is waiting to take her boards. Her goal is to work in family practice and to continue serving those without adequate resources.

Brenna says that through this, God has given her a heart of compassion for the homeless. She thanks God for free clinics, knowing what they have meant to her and her family.

Her favorite verse: Matthew 19:26 “with God all things are possible”

Kim Junge, Volunteer coordinator