Dr. Jeff Akey, DDS

Dr. Akey has been a tireless advocate for those under-served in dentistry, whether in his own practice or in the community as a whole. He graduated dental college in 1987, spent some time serving in the Navy and eventually moved to Cedar Rapids in 1995, where he was in practice until he retired in 2017.

His history with His Hand Free Clinic began when Dr. Akey was involved in a Bible study with Dr. Bell and says in 2011 was “nudged” by Dr. Bell and asked to consider the possibility of providing dental services. Dr. Akey did not hesitate to lead the way. He researched the needed infrastructure for two dental chairs, state of the art equipment including x-ray and helped secure the funding and construction of the dental area of the clinic. Dr. Akey saw his first patient in February 2012. Since it opened, he has been a regular volunteer as a dentist and also served on the Board of Directors of the clinic.

There is perhaps no single aspect of what we do at the His Hands that has a more transformative and profound impact than dental care. It improves health but also changes self-esteem, employability and literally changes lives. Dr. Akey has quietly and consistently been a force for good, person by person, for years.

In addition, to his work at the Free Clinic, Dr. Akey gives of his time in many other areas. He has made numerous mission trips to provide dental services in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Haiti. He and his wife are planning yet another trip later this year. Dr. Akey says that these trips center him on what’s important, showing him God’s world, the real world and that everyone is important. He also volunteers at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison.

His Hands, our community and the world as a whole, have been blessed by his service to the under-served.